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I know you’re probably thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THERE A LINK TO CHARITY FOR ON A JV PAGE? Ever since I was a little kid my parents taught me that giving to others is more important than having for yourself. That didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy my success (which apparently they knew I would have even when I was 5 years old lol). It just meant to never forget those in need and never forget if given the opportunity to share, give back and help those less fortunate. I remember growing up we use to grab angels off the angel tree at our church during Christmas and go shopping for them. It was a lot of fun, but I must admit when I was younger I didn’t realize exactly what I was doing… It certainly didn’t make me as happy as it does now.

When I had my first touch of success online my first instinct was to give back to kids. I realized instantly how lucky I was to have such loving and supporting parents, and I realized not every kid grows up in that kind of loving and supporting environment. Sometimes it’s tough to have that perfect relationship with each other (let alone your kids) when you’re struggling every month to pay the bills. I immediately set out on a mission to help under-privileged children in any way I possibly could given the resources I had access too. The first thing we did was christmas shopping for a ton of kids. I believe at the time I was 23 years old and I took 23 Angels off the Angel Tree all for myself… until I realize shopping for 23 kids was tough..So I brought in some of my friends and other young people in the community to help me. What became of that spur of the moment decision was a charity called ChristmasForKids and it’s been running for almost 10 years now.

The whole point of my story is I truly believe we ALL have a passion to help people, especially those in a position where they are unable to help themselves. This year my goal with ALL of our launches is to use them to not only reward our top partners, but also to help other people. Our launch contest winner will take home a cool $20,000 cash prize, which I am sure is exciting in and of itself, but I wanted to go deeper and do more. So this year we will be offering a $5,000.00 donation to a charity on behalf of our launch contest winner. I couldn’t think of a better way to blend doing what I love to, which is Internet Marketing, and helping other people. When you win and we’ll donate to a charity that’s near and dear to your heart!

I really hope this starts a trend in our industry of giving back to others when we do these massive launches. In reality we as Internet Marketers have it great… we live great lifestyles, we make lots of money, and most of us get to travel to places other people only dream of seeing. We get caught up in being angry because our launches “Only Did $XXX,XXX” and forget how seriously blessed we are to even be doing what we’re doing in the first place. I believe Internet Marketing is a medium full of extremely successful people that we could use as a way to help others and bring awareness to causes that currently might be unknown or I guess “out of sight / out of mind”.

Hopefully you share my same passion for helping other people, but if not you’ll still be able to win some great prize money and promote a great product to your list! Either way I’m going to make sure that our launch does three amazing things… 1. Reward our partners for their support. 2. Share amazing content and knowledge with our new students. 3. Bring awareness and financial help to an amazing charity of the winners choice.